JVC KW-V830BT Compatible with Android Auto/CarPlay CD/DVD, SiriusXM Tuner, Back Up Camera, Steering Interface.

JVC KW-V830BT Review


The JVC KW-V830BT is one of the best audio stereo replacements on the market today. JVC put the time and effort into epitomizing the new standard of double din head units. The number of features packed into this product is impressive, and JVC roared back to the top of the audio automobile replacement stereos list.

JVC is not new to the audio manufacturing world. In recent years, they may have struggled to stay on top of the list in contending for advanced tech and updated systems.

However, they have come back strong with the JVC KW-V830BT.  Not only are the features on this double din unit numerous, but they are all of high quality and have placed JVC right back as a leader in cutting-edge innovations within the industry.

The beauty of the KW-V830BT is not that JVC came up with a ton of new features to tempt buyers with, but that they genuinely sat down and looked at features already in existence and are incredibly popular. Then they sat down and worked out how to take that tech to the next level. They worked to perfect those features and then integrate them into this unit.

This double din unit can function with either iOS or Android operating systems flawlessly. With this capability, you can integrate your phone with this unit no matter your preferred brand. Still, you can also access the original JVC K2 technology that they created and perfected over the years.

This K2 technology won’t only enhance your digital devices’ sound but will work with any input source you have, including CDs and radio frequencies. With this double din unit, it will seem as though your phone and car were made to work together. Prepare yourself for effortless hands-free phone operation and fantastic sound quality.

Let’s take a look at everything that went into making the JVC KW-V830BT a fantastic choice to upgrade your vehicle’s factory-installed stereo system.

What’s in the Box

First, you will have to unbox your JVC KW-V830BT. Let’s look at what you will receive in the box and exactly what it does to help your car and KW-V830BT integrate and upgrade your stereo system.


Of course, in the box will be your new DVD receiver. This unit comes with an integrated 6.8-inch multimedia receiver monitor that runs off of a 15-amp fuse.

This receiver has a touch monitor, complete with clear resistive touch technology. This includes high luminance and high transparency to allow the icons to be seen easily and make functionality at its peak.

The receiver also has El Kameleon technology. This is a design feature known as stealth design, as when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off, the entire face of the KW-V830BT turns black. This will let it blend in with most cars’ interior dash. Once the vehicle is restarted display pops back in all of its high-visibility splendor.

At 6.8-inches, the monitor is the right size, allowing you to see icons and other applicable features easily.

Wiring harness

The wiring harness in the box is what you will need for your new double din JVC KW-V830BT to be powered. It will also be the device that allows for the unit’s sound to go out of the speakers in the car.

Being a double din unit, you will notice that there are around 15 wires that you will have to connect for optimal operation of your new unit. Keep in mind that the owner’s manual will give you an overview of how to connect this, but you may want to have it professionally installed if you are not good with cars or wiring.

Microphone and bracket

An external microphone and mounting bracket are also included in the box with the KW-V830BT. This will come with a 10-foot cable with an attached 3.5mm male connector. This connector ends in a strong right-angle.

This external microphone will enable you to have crystal clear voice control for hands-free enabled features and excellent communication on hands-free, Bluetooth calls.

GPS Antenna

This GPS antenna can be attached to the unit and your vehicle with the included and attached cable. This cable is 11.5′ and has a proprietary connector. This will allow the KW-V830BT to take specific signals from GPS satellites and translate them into a signal that your new din unit can convert that into electronic signals that will enable you to use this as an on-screen GPS unit.

Hardware and Other Material

The rest of what you will find in the box is what you can use for mounting and installing your new JVC KW-V830BT double din unit:

  • Mounting Screws
    • Six Pan-head
    • Six Flat-head
  • Self-adhesive mounting pad
  • USB Extension Cables
    • Two 39-inch cables
  • Remote Control
    • Model RM-RK258
    • Installed three-volt battery CR2025
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

Key Features

The JVC KW-V830BT has the most advanced technology for both audio and phone integration options. With old, popular features perfected and a few new features added in are what makes this double din unit stand out in the crowd of upgraded stereo elements for vehicles.

JVC made sure to make this din unit easy to use with any brand of smartphone. Most straightforwardly, they did so using what they knew to be popular features and foresee what new ones might pair well with them.

One of the best functions is that the unit works with multi-brand smartphones and the specific auto features built into those phones. For those with iPhones, this means that it fully integrates with Apple Car-Play, and for those with an Android system, it works with Android Auto.

This unit’s sound quality is fantastic – it brings up the quality of any input device you choose to use with it to a 24-bit DAC. They also included many ways to customize your sound experience with some of their tried and true technologies.

Time Alignment

Sometimes known as digital time alignment, this feature will let you set-up exactly how quickly the sound from your input device will move through the system and hit each speaker to arrive at your ears.

For the most part, you want the sound to be optimized so that the waves coming through each speaker will hit you at one time.

Sound Lift

This is a tech that will let you fix how your speakers sit. In most brands, the factory-installed system sits lower to the ground. With sound lift, adjust the levels to sit the music higher and sound closer to luxury vehicle standards.

Volume Link EQ

This tried, and true JVC feature can boost your audio system frequencies to focus them better and help overcome the background noise associated with systems in cars, such as road noise.


Apple / Android Compatibility

As already discussed, the JVC KW-V830BT is compatible with either Apple or Android products. JVC has gone to the next level to make sure it is not just a compatible unit but also integrates and functions well with all devices.

The most significant way the KW-V830BT does this is to work with both Android Auto and Apple Car-Play:

Andriod Auto

As long as your Android operating system is updated with the newest software, the KW-V830BT can import the most needed and used driving applications – such as Google maps, streaming music, and other apps.

This allows you to control your phone right off the display screen or with your voice through Google Voice assistant, allowing even access to your phone’s actual memory.

Apple Car-Play

Again, if your Apple device is updated, then this unit will work through Apple Car-Play the same way Android Auto works through this product. The differences are apparent – it will integrate Apple Maps instead of Google, use Siri for your voice preferences, and Apple applications will be the ones it integrates with.

Final Verdict

JVC outdid themselves with the KW-V830BT. Combining the popular existing features with the newest technology ensured a product that provides precisely what consumers are looking for. They made sure to fine-tune every single element included in the device and not pack in anything that they had not yet fixed to perfection.


Though it is on the pricey side of most people’s budgets, the JVC KW-V830BT is an investment that is worth it. Though there is no such thing as perfections, this double din unit comes close to achieving the unachievable.


You can have two phones connected to the din unit at all times. When you receive a call, it will pop up which phone it is on the screen, and either one can be answered easily with the push of a button right on display.

No. This will require an additional and optional upgrade with a SiriusXM tuner. That device is sold separately but, once installed, operates as one with the unit.

Yes. You can easily tilt the display viewing angle. This will allow you to make it fit for you and let you have better visibility. This could also help with any glare issues.


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