Kenwood DDX374BT

6.2″ Double Din Receiver With Bluetooth and DVD/CD Receiver

Kenwood DDX374BT Review


If you are looking to replace the factory-installed stereo system in your vehicle, there is no better option to consider than the Kenwood DDX374BT. This double DIN head unit is from one of the most trusted brands in the industry and is designed not just for looks for an epic performance.
Kenwood burst onto the audio scene back in 1946. Over the years, they have quietly amassed the knowledge and technology to make them stand out in recent years. They have climbed to the top of trusted automotive audio electronics manufacturers by being consistently reliable, only using the best materials, and producing only the highest quality products.

The technology put into the Kenwood DDX374BT is next to none. You will have instant access to all of your digital music, as well as access to any old-school products you want, such as a CD or the radio. The Kenwood DDX374BT has a roomy 6.2-inch display, a touchscreen that is easy to maneuver so you can control your phone and have access to all of the needed settings right there on your console.

Of course, there is advanced Bluetooth technology to allow for hands-free access and control. It is easily integrated with up to ten Bluetooth enabled devices while allowing two phones to be connected simultaneously.
The Kenwood DDX374BT can bring a lot of intensity and upgrades to your car’s sound system, continue reading the below to find out what you can expect.

What’s in the Box

It may seem basic, but first, let’s take a look at what exactly you will get when you open up the box with your new Kenwood DDX374BTA double DIN head unit.


In the box will be the DVD Receiver that has an integrated monitor. This monitor comes with 6.2-inches of customizable home screen space.

The display panel features a high contrast ratio with touchscreen controls that have icons that are commonly known.

The display features a resistive glass to help prevent fingerprints and smudging on the glass. The display is user-friendly, very intuitive for everyone.

The DDX374BT can be paired with both steering wheel controls and wireless remotes.

Wiring harness

In the box, you will also find the wiring harness for the Kenwood DDX374BT. The wiring harness is vital to installing and integrating your new head unit with your vehicle. It is the connectors, terminals, and wires meant to run between the product and the car.

This harness will connect the DDX374BT to all of the systems in the car and allow for the integration with your car’s operating system and devices and make it all run smoothly.

Microphone and bracket

Along with the receiver and wiring harness, you will find an external microphone wired to the receiver and the car and mount us. This microphone allows for better contact with your devices and will make it to use voice-controlled applications with more ease.

Through this external microphone, you will have complete hands-free conversations on your cell phone, with the audio coming through your vehicle speakers.

Parking brake wire

The parking brake wire that comes in the box is a light green color. The purpose of the wire is to ensure that your device can sense when you are parked safely.

Hardware and Other Material

The rest of the material and hardware in the box  is pretty self-explanatory:

  • Mounting Screws
  • Removal Tools for the Factory Installed Radio
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

Key Features

Along with being a resistive display, the home screen can be customized to each individual’s preferences. Not only can you arrange the icons in any way you like, but you can also choose your background wallpaper.

The tech used for the display itself makes it easy to navigate and very touch-friendly, unlike older devices. You can not only play DVDs on the screen, but there is an input that will allow you to connect to multiple external devices, from a gaming system to a tuner. This screen also allows for rear-view cameras to be set up with it, and you will get parking guidelines on the screen.

Kenwood has spent the past 74 years perfecting their sound quality. It is on beautiful display here, with a 13-band equalizer paired with a MOSFET amplifier. This allows for the absolute least sound distortion while giving the listener extra power. Because of the equalizer, customizable tuning is as easy as a few taps.

The integrated Bluetooth is the most upgraded available, allowing dual phone connectivity, complete integration with the vehicle and your devices, and a genuinely hands-free environment. You can control playback on devices with the microphone, but buttons can also control the display screen devices.

With the ability to attach devices through Bluetooth or USB, you can stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, or any of your preferred mobile apps. Don’t worry, if you are a radio person there is built-in access to AM/FM and over 175 Sirius XM channels.

The disc slot is front loading and located on top of the device, with clear touch buttons for control.


Apple / Android Compatibility

The Kenwood DDX374BT is compatible with both major phone operating systems. The receiver can run audio apps off either phone brand.

Either an iPhone or Android will charge if plugged in. However, only the Android will have the ability to charge rapidly. You have the option to connect an additional iPad or iPod with a USB cable.

There is nothing that will make one kind of phone or device work better with the Kenwood DDX374BT, and there is no need to buy anything extra to make this receiver work seamlessly with any device.


No. The technology simply won’t allow for the map to transfer from your phone to the receiver without some kind of input device. You can attach one to the receiver and the phone to get the map to transfer if you like.

In almost every case, the answer to this will be yes. It is unlikely that you will be able to find a car on the market that has everything you want in it. Therefore, automobile audio manufacturers have made it incredibly easy and accessible to upgrade your audio system. It will depend on what you want your stereo to be in your car and where you want to be budgetwise.

The price to install a touch screen in your car will range anywhere from one hundred to three hundred dollars. This price range will offer you a few choices for different kinds of touch screens with different features. To decide which price point you will be at, you first need to do the research and figure out what you want your new touch screen to be able to do as well as the other factors that are important to you.

Final Verdict

Kenwood definitely made a high-quality, efficiently performing product in the DDX374BT. When buying any upgrade for your vehicle, your goal will likely be a longer list of advantages than disadvantages, and Kenwood has delivered that with this DDX374BT.


The Kenwood DDX374BT head unit is not only technologically superior to most of its competitors but is also designed to be user-friendly. Highly intuitive, it is easy to link and use multiple devices with access to all of their features.

The DDX374BT is the epitome of Kenwood’s quality of design. It is clear that they have perfected their car stereo systems and this one highlights that fact. If you want to upgrade your factory-installed system to a fully integrative Bluetooth automated one, this head unit should be at the top of your list.


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