Pioneer AVH-110BT

Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT 7-Inch Flagship In-Dash Navigation A/V Receiver with DVD Playback and Bluetooth.

Pioneer AVH-110BT Review


Pioneer offers the AVH-101BT, another high-quality in-dash receiver to stream your media wirelessly or via remote for an enhanced driving experience. The receiver is a great way to integrate your music apps or USB files to listen to audio and view movies while in your car.

The Pioneer AVH-101Bt is a double-DIN receiver to integrate and store your favorite movies, music, and images from your Android or iPhone. The receiver allows you to receive calls hands-free, stream your favorite music while driving your vehicle, and integrate your media into one touchscreen digital display.

If you are in the market for an in-dash receiver and your budget is tight, the AVH-101BT offers a great entry-level in-car integration for a host of multimedia functions. If you would like to learn more about the features of the AVH-101BT and the pros and cons of owning the device, please read on.

What is the Pioneer AVH-110BT?

The Pioneer AVH-110BT is a double-DIN AM/FM/CD/DVD in-dash receiver with a 6.2-inch touchscreen with built-in Bluetooth. The unit is engineered to deliver hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming. The unit also operates with an optional back-up camera and allows users to playback music and videos from a USB flash drive.

The receiver has two RCA outputs for operating external amplifiers and has a built-in seven-band graphic equalizer. The AVH-100BT is compatible with both iPhones and Android and offers a USB input and auxiliary output for both music and streaming calls, and can accommodate DVD video playback.

The digital display offers both wired remote or wireless control of your media needs, and users can take advantage of the color customization according to their preferences. The increased connectivity allows users greater hands-free options to improve their safety on the road while taking advantage of the responsive display features.

Pioneer AVH-110BT Features at a Glance

Pioneer AVH-110BT Highlights

Advanced Remote Control

The Pioneer AVH-110BT allows users to control and customize their car stereo system in an easy to use interface that will enable you to maintain safe driving. You may browse for your favorite tracks, switch your sources, and launch your third-party apps such as Spotify and customize your colors and audio settings via your smartphone.

Stream Your Music from Your Phone

You may seamlessly stream your favorite music from your phone or straight from the front USB port from your flash drive through the Bluetooth settings. The AVH-110BT makes it easy to integrate all of your favorite music apps onto your AVH-110BT playlist to enhance your driving enjoyment.

The high storage capacity of the AVH-101BT means that you can take your music collection and your favorite series with you to view when you are waiting or otherwise need to kill time. The unit also allows you to enhance your radio or USB stored tunes easily through the 6.2″ one-touch display.

Play Movies from your Car

The Pioneer AVH-110Bt allows you to enjoy your downloaded videos from the comfort of your car through the crystal clear 6.2″ display. The AVH-110BT can hold up to 300 folders of audio, video, or still images, and each folder can hold up to 15,000 files.

This high storage capacity means that you can fit your entire music library and your favorite movies and access them at the touch of a screen.

Due to traffic regulations, the movie feature can not be operated while the car is driving and only operations when the parking brake is activated. However, you may enjoy your favorite series when you find you have to wait somewhere, which is an easy way to pass the time.

Enhance Your Audio

With the favorites customization feature, you have easy access to a multitude of music enhancements such as speaker levels, subwoofer functions, bass boosts, and speaker positions. You can save your preferred changes onto your favorites to bring up the bass on your track or any tweaks you may like to enhance your music on the fly.

In-Built Graphic Equalizer with Customization

The seven band inbuilt graphic equalizer allows you to either choose from the preset balances such as :

  • Bass boost
  • Powerful
  • Natural
  • Vocal
  • Flat.

If you wish to keep your levels precisely to your preferred levels, you have the option of Custom level 1 or 2 to change your equalizer instantly to either your radio or USB music. This feature gives you the possibility of a greater level of control of your music in one touch.

Subwoofer Customization

The AVH-110BT allows users to enhanced control of their subwoofers for enhanced performance. The AVH-110BT provides a low pass filter with adjustable Hertz settings. This feature enables users to choose a crossover point to reroute the selected frequencies to the subwoofer to control their sound.

By improving your subwoofer performance, you enhance back speaker pressure and create a harmonious flow of low-frequency waves to flesh out your music. You also improve your bass output to really make your dance tracks kick in on a long drive.

Make and Recieve Phone Calls

You can easily import your contact list from your Android or iPhone to your AVH-110BT receiver and easily make and receive calls while driving safely and easily. Access your contacts at one touch for hands-free conversations. The receiver gives drivers the option of hands-free calls or private calls rerouted to their phone with easy to reach touch icons.

Optional Back-Up Camera Output

The AVH-110BT has an optional RCA output on the console’s back for a dedicated back-up camera. Back up cameras are great for and enhanced visuall when reversing into tight spaces and help prevent those infuriating dings that often happen when reversing.

The camera setting connects with your reverse gear to engage the camera automatically when in reverse gear, sparing you the trouble of having to scroll and fiddle. The camera automatically switches off when your reverse motion is ceased.

Car reversing cameras not only prevent accidents but with your AVH-101BT integration, you can be more aware of small children or animals that might be harmed in the reversing process. Several Pioneer cameras can be integrated into your AVH-101BT receiver for an affordable cost for enhanced safety.

What’s In the HVA-110BT Box?

The HVA-110BT kit comes with all you need to get started for your multimedia driving experience. The kit includes:

  • Wiring harness between the in-dash and your vehicle
  • Installation screws
  • Owners manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Warranty card.


The AVH101-BT is a solid buy with the basic features you need to operate your audio and movie files. The competitive pricing makes this unit an excellent starter in-dash receiver with enough features to get you by adequately.

The unit does not have the enhanced stereo sound that Pioneer is famous for, but it has enough customization options to put your own spin on tracks when you are on the road.


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