Pioneer AVH-2330NEX

6.2″ Double Din Receiver With built-in Bluetooth calling and USB.

Pioneer AVH-2330NEX Review

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Pioneer has always had a top shelf reputation when it comes to their automotive receivers, and the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX is no exception.

Slick, gorgeous, and really intuitive to use (with one of the best touchscreen interfaces in the automotive receiver world), there’s a lot to fall in love with when it comes to the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX.

The audio quality of this receiver is pretty top-notch, too – which is exactly what you are looking for in a car entertainment system.

At the same time, there are definitely a handful of shortcomings that you’ll want to be aware of before you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase.

We dig into the good, the not so good, and everything else in this in-depth Pioneer AVH-2330NEX review below!

Quick Overview

Let’s start with that gorgeous touchscreen device we mentioned a moment ago.

The whole unit is a Double DIN set up (4 inches tall, as far as the hardware that installs into your dashboard is concerned) with a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen acting as the brains of the operation.

We’re not sure how the folks at Pioneer pulled it off, but somehow their engineers were able to come up with a touchscreen that only looks fantastic but also feels fantastic to use as well.

The real special part of this touchscreen, though, is how well it works even in bright light situations. We wouldn’t describe the screen as having a matte finish by any stretch of the imagination, but it definitely resists bright lights and glare better than most other options out there on the market today.

The way that you can still read everything on this screen even in the brightest of lights really helps to separate it from the rest of the pack.

Of course, a handful of physical buttons are also dotted along the baseline of this touchscreen device.

Volume buttons, home screen buttons, application buttons, source changing buttons, and a microphone button that engages the voice control capabilities are all going to be easy to navigate down on the physical button bar.

The intuitiveness of using the touchscreen is another major factor behind its popularity.

It works just the same way that your smart phone or tablet works, and it is so lightning fast that it feels like you are using a flagship device you probably have in your pocket. There’s no delay when switching between applications, flipping between songs, or navigating between input sources.

Everything is just so snappy.

On top of all that, you get a dedicated DVD receiver that allows you to play CDs, CDR/CD-RWs, and multimedia from your USB thumb drive or streaming over from your smart phone as well.

HD terrestrial radio for AM and FM channels is built right in in the entire unit is ready to connect with satellite radio, too.

The only thing lacking here is dedicated GPS navigation components, but that’s to be expected with something that so tightly integrates into both the Apple and Android automotive experiences.

We dig little bit deeper into that in just a moment.

As far as the overall installation process goes, it’s hard to imagine anything happening as easy or as quickly as it will with the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX.

Everything you need to install is included in the box, and you don’t have to be an electrical engineer or a car stereo master to navigate the setup and installation process, either.

Sure, you might need a little bit more patience and to watch a YouTube video or two to install this in your car if you’ve never handled a car stereo before. But other than that everything really goes quite smoothly.

All in all, it’s very hard not to come away from using the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX incredibly impressed with everything it brings to the table.

What’s in the Box?

  • 7 inch Capacitive touchscreen with Double DIN base unit
  • Dedicated wiring harness for plug and play installation
  • Remote control for backseat control and usage
  • Dedicated microphone with 10 feet of microphone cable
  • All mounting hardware
  • Instructional manual
  • Owner’s manual
  • Warranty card information

Key Features

Aside from that gorgeous touchscreen that we really dug into a moment ago, the sonic enhancements that the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX brings to your vehicle cannot go overlooked.

Pioneer has obviously rededicated themselves to overhauling of the audio systems already existing in vehicles that this aftermarket receiver is dropped into.

You get a 13 band graphic equalizer that is insanely easy to adjust, individual settings to play with listening position and time alignment, and a whole host of optimizing drivers and presets – seven individual presets, at that – that really give you total control over your audio experience.

Flipping through audio sources is simple and straightforward, not to mention foolishly fast with the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX.

The ability to use your steering wheel controls is another big advantage that you’ll enjoy, something every Pioneer AVH-2330NEX review needs to mention as well.

The extensibility of this receiver is a game changer.

Being able to add different components – reverse cameras, dashboard cameras, dedicated GPS systems, car alarms, remote starter equipment, etc. – means that the AVH-2330NEX platform is only the beginning.

It’s really not hard to add and modify this system from Pioneer to turn it into something uniquely yours, something that really fits how you want your car entertainment system to look and sound.


Apple and Android Compatibility

The moment that you connect your Apple or Android phone to the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX is the moment that the whole device transforms right before your very eyes.

The connection is instantaneous, and you’ll either have immediate access to the full Apple Car Play experience (with Apple devices) or Android Auto (with Android devices) – all seamlessly available at your fingertips.

This gives you control over your smart phone through the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX interface, but it also lets you tap into the GPS navigation of your smart phone, the media streaming capabilities of your device, and all of the applications on your phone or tablet as well.

The tight integration between Pioneer and their traditional operating system on the AVH-2330NEX as well as the Apple Car Play and Android Auto experience is fantastic.

You’re not going to get any glitches, any hiccups, or any hurdles that need to be cleared when using these third-party solutions the way you might have with other receivers.

Like everything else on the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX this device has a lot of polish and is really well put together and perfectly engineered. It’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with just how easy Pioneer makes using this hardware!


Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you aren’t going to lack for choices when it comes to getting your hands on a new multimedia receiver for your vehicle.

Pioneer alone has literally dozens of different models available in their product lineup to pick and choose from. But there’s a reason why so many choose – time and time again – to move forward with the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX.

Gorgeous, modern, and foolishly easy to use, you don’t have to be a master electrician to get this hardware installed in your vehicle, either.

The extensibility and customization capabilities of this hardware is off the charts, too. You really have an opportunity to make this automotive media receiver your own in a way that just isn’t possible with most of the other competing options on the market today.

Combine all of that with the legendary reputation for innovativeness, durability, and reliability that Pioneer hardware has – not to mention the silky, smooth, and fantastic sounding audio equipment in this receiver – and you’ve got a bit of a no-brainer decision here.

If you really want to improve the audio and entertainment experience in your vehicle going forward, you really can’t get much better than the Pioneer AVH-2330NEX.

Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself writing your own glowingly positive Pioneer AVH-2330NEX review after you give it a try for a week or two.

The odds are good that you’ll never want anything else in your vehicle from here on out!

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