Pioneer AVH 2400NEX

Pioneer AVH-2400NEX 7″ Touchscreen Double Din Android Auto and Apple CarPlay In-Dash DVD/CD Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver.

Pioneer AVH 2400NEX Review

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Trying to find a quality car media unit these days – especially one that includes both Apple Carplay and Android Auto – that won’t break the bank is a real uphill battle.

Most of the time you end up with extremely overpriced units that have (almost) everything you want or budget based options that are lacking all the killer features you’re after in the first place.

Thanks to the Pioneer AVH-2400NEX, though, that’s a problem of the past!

One of the most impressive new entry-level car media units to hit the market in quite a while, Pioneer has another homerun on the hands with this piece of tech.

You get a gorgeous touchscreen, full Apple and Android integration, support for satellite radio and HD radio, and even a really slick DVD player – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

To learn a little bit more about the Pioneer AVH-2400NEX (and all its bringing to the table) let’s dive right in!

Quick Overview

Straight out of the gate, this car stereo system and multimedia player has really been engineered around folks that want a lot of premium multimedia capabilities without the premium price tag.

Pioneer has always had a legendary reputation in the automobile entertainment world, a reputation built on the back of making super innovative, reliable, and (almost always) affordable options – especially when stacked up against the competition.

The AVH-2400NEX from Pioneer is no exception.

Super easy to use, with a slick design and user interface, this aftermarket unit dramatically improves your in car entertainment experience.

You’ll be able to listen to all your favorite music (via standard radio, HD radio, satellite radio, through the CD/DVD player or streaming from your mobile device via Bluetooth or two USB ports) and watch your favorite video content, too.

Combine that with wiring for a backup camera, GPS unit, and a whole bunch of other accessories (Pioneer brand accessories as well as those from third parties) and this unit becomes a bit of a no-brainer.

Especially at this price point, which is almost too good to be true!

What’s in the Box?

  • 7 inch responsive touchscreen that has fantastic color and contrast capabilities
  • Integrated wiring harness to slide right in with effortless installation
  • Double DIN form factor to totally replace your OEM multimedia unit
  • Remote control for passenger and rearseat control capabilities
  • iDataLink Maestro technology featuring steering wheel controls and more
  • A dedicated, hardwired microphone set up for voice commands and hands-free phone operation
  • Installation and owner manual

Key Features

The first thing you’ll notice about this car unit is the 7 inch fully responsive touchscreen, quite a bit larger than the previous version of this unit from Pioneer – and a whole lot better looking, too.

The color and contrast capabilities of this screen are off the charts. You’ll swear that it rivals the best looking flatscreen TVs you’ve ever seen, with a depth of color and contrast tough to find in any other unit (especially at this price point).

This means your media is going to look fantastic when you play it. But it also means that you are going to have a much easier time navigating the user interface, too – in any lighting conditions.

As far as touchscreen mobile interfaces go, Pioneer has obviously learned a lot from both the Apple and Android operating system and has “borrowed” a lot of their UI elements.

If you have no difficulty using your phone or tablet touchscreen you’re going to be able to make the most of this Pioneer AVH-2400NEX unit.

Full Android and Apple automotive software integration is another reason to go with this model. There aren’t too terribly many entry-level priced options that can match the level of integration that this unit has, giving you the total Apple Carplay and Android Auto experiences without breaking your bank account.

Bluetooth is improved versus the previous version. You’ll get a stronger, more stable connection on the go. That’s a huge deal when you are streaming movies, music, or media from your phone to this receiver.

Of course, the sound quality coming out of this unit is nothing to sneeze at, either.

The NEX technology from Pioneer makes a world of difference, improving the sound coming out of your stock speakers right away – and at every level.

Your lows, your mids, and your high-frequency sound elements are going to be a lot more balance and a lot more rich right out of the gate thanks to the Auto EQ features of this unit.

A 13 band graphic equalizer (complete with touchscreen controls), the high/low pass crossover, and the real granular level of control you have over your audio experience is top rates. You’ll also be able to play FLAC files in their raw form – with no compression – getting the most authentic and rich digital audio experience possible.

That’s a game changer for people that love to listen to music in their vehicle!

Combine all of that with a really slick and polished user interface, a super easy installation process, a reputation for producing great quality devices and top-tier customer service with a solid warranty and it’s not hard to see why people love the Pioneer AVH-2400NEX.


Apple and Android Compatibility

Apple and Android have absolutely hit it out of the park when it comes to their automobile software systems.

Both of these systems are very polished, very intuitive, and essentially turn your new Pioneer AVH-2400NEX into either an Apple iPad or Android Tablet built inside of your vehicle.

Not only does the user interface experience change when you connect either Apple or Android devices to your AVH-2400NEX receiver, but the capabilities of the receiver improved as well.

Essentially anything you can do on your phone or tablet can also be done with this receiver thanks to the integrations between the two pieces of hardware.

We are talking about being able to stream your music and media from your favorite apps while on the go, use your wireless signal as a Wi-Fi hub, answer or make calls wirelessly through the receiver itself – while reading texts or emails (or dictating them), too!

You won’t need a dedicated GPS unit when you use your phone in conjunction with Apple and Android automotive systems, either. The experience will be identical to using either Apple Maps or Google Maps (or any other navigation software you use on your phone/tablet).

The whole experience is really polished and snappy. You’ll fall in love with using your Pioneer AVH-2400NEX like this almost straightaway.

As long as you have an Apple Carplay ready iPhone or iPad or an Android devices running at least Android 5.0 you’re going to be able to jump right into the action as soon as your phone or tablet is connected.


Final Verdict

With so many different car entertainment procedures to pick and choose from these days finding the right one can feel pretty stressful.

Pioneer themselves make a bunch of different options to pick and choose from (all kinds of price points), which muddies the water even further.

Thankfully, though, the Pioneer AVH-2400NEX has some pretty cool features that help to separate it from the rest of the pack – especially at this price point.

It’s nice not to have to spend a small fortune to get premium features like the ones we described above, all wrapped up in a Pioneer package – a piece of hardware you know is going to be well-made, smartly engineered, and fully supported by the manufacturer themselves.

All in all, the AVH-2400NEX definitely deserves a closer look if you are in the market for a reasonably affordable, touchscreen ready multimedia receiver for your car that includes Apple and Android integrations.

Sure, there are a handful of options out there that might be a little more feature-rich and maybe a little easier to use – or little bigger.

But there aren’t any other options out there that offer this many premium features at this affordable price point, shoehorning some pretty next level technology into a somewhat compact unit that still looks and sounds fantastic.

Check out the AVH-2400NEX from Pioneer today!

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