Kenwood DDX372BT

6.2 Inch Bluetooth Double Din in-Dash CD/DVD/AM/FM Receiver.

Kenwood DDX372BT Review


Kenwood DDX372BT Overview.

So, Double DIN Stereos. These multimedia outlets have transformed many a long and arduous drive into something more memorable. Maybe you’re looking to keep the raucous kids in the back entertained with a movie or cartoon.

Maybe you want to binge your favourite podcast (Serial, anyone?) on an extensive road trip and still want to keep the option for a handsfree business call wide open for you.

Maybe you just really like 80s glam rock when you drive – we do not judge here.

Double DIN Stereos and related devices are undoubtedly the absolute premium when we are talking about in-car entertainment.

In this review, I will be unpacking the Kenwood DDX372BT Double DIN head unit multimedia device, and taking you through its extensive feature lists, assessing its advantages and any bumps in the road a Kenwood customer might face with this product.

The in-car multimedia solutions market is certainly not a sparsely populated one. There is a huge and diverse range of products out there, each offering its own twist on a common set of features.

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive iteration of this type of multimedia station that still outperforms some of its pricier peers, then the Kenwood DDX372BT might be the Double DIN product for you.

In this comprehensive breakdown of Kenwood’s Double DIN Stereo I will take a look at what comes with the product, some key features the stereo offers, checking the all-important mobile OS compatibility, and then finally deciding whether it is worth the money.

Read on as we delve deep into all the above in this Kenwood DDX372BT Review!

What’s in the box?

When you open the box of the Kenwood DDX372BT, here is what you can expect to find: one double DIN stereo and monitor, two tools and a selection of necessary screws for installation, a rear camera input node and a remote control. There is also what appears to be a microphone included, presumably to help with handsfree phone calls.

The rear-view camera hooks up to the monitor to aid your parking (and let’s face it, we all need that sometimes)

Key features

There are several features worth pointing out at play in the Kenwood DDX372BT.

Perhaps the most impressive of these is the sheer number of different audio inputs (both physical and virtual) that can relay your music and other multimedia into the device.

The Kenwood is packing a USB input, Bluetooth connections, DVD and CD drives as well as a satellite connection to both AM and FM radio!

Whether you want to stream your favorite road trip Spotify playlist, load up a bunch of old music ripped from your disk collection on a disk drive, throw on your favourite Clapton CD or fancy tuning into a bit of talk radio on your trip, the Kenwood DDX372BT has you covered.

Complementing this vast array of audio connection possibilities, Kenwood’s Double DIN offering comes equipped with some incredible audio mastering options. Not many stereos of this type give you full five-bad control of the EQ of your system (alongside 8 nicely tuned presets for you to default to). This gives you very granular control of your music’s tone, a nice touch for all the audiophiles out there (like me!).

Included in that is Kenwood’s own Drive EQ audio setting, a fantastic little idea. This allows Kenwood’s stereos to overcome a common issue with driving stereos: road noise. This does not just mean the sound of traffic and other drivers; it is the sound of the road itself. Travelling along roads produces a whole host of different frequencies that can muffle or muddy the frequencies present in your music.

Kenwood’s Drive EQ is a collection of presets that amplify specific frequencies so that the dampening effect of road noise does not overpower your tunes or podcasts. It is a simple concept, but not one that is put into practice particularly often, so it is encouraging to see as part of Kenwood’s Double Din Package.

The Bluetooth is also handy for answering phone calls whilst driving, and a small clip-on mic can be attached to anywhere in your car to answer these calls. This allows you great flexibility in taking your handsfree calls. It also gives you the opportunity to figure out where you sound best from in your care if you put a bit of time into experimenting with different options.

The rear camera inputs coupled with a larger than average screen to view them on and steering wheel controls are also some killer features to an already stacked tool list that the Kenwood DDX372BT has under its belt.

Does the Kenwood DDX372BT work with Apple?

Not content to offer you just Bluetooth connectivity, the Kenwood DDX372BT comes packed with a whole suite of Apple/iPhone functionality tools.

You can access the Kenwood in your phone through Bluetooth, but also with a dedicated app that is directly on your phone and uses Apple’s own connection technology. This allows you to stream music and video, alongside a really handy feature – Siri control!

You can control every aspect of the Kenwood stereo using Siri thanks to the Apple controls. Features like this really improve the handsfree abilities of the stereo in an efficient way.

Does the Kenwood DDX372BT work with Android?

The Kenwood also works with Android phones with Bluetooth and USB.

This Pandora app works in a similar way to the Apple app that was described above.

Using this app, you can control the music usage on the Kenwood, as well as interface with other aspects through the screen. It cannot however use the Android’s voice controls to command the Kenwood, unlike the app available on Apple’s infrastructure.

You can also piggyback off your Android’s data connection to use the internet radio app Pandora, but this feature has several reported bugs that have not been properly addressed.

Benefits of the Kenwood DDX372BT

Problems with the Kenwood DDX372BT


The screen of the Kenwood DDX372BT is 6.2 inches, a fairly sizeable length for something of its type.

Yes, it does. You can control your Kenwood using the controls in place in your steering wheel if you want to.

Yes, there is a fully fledged instruction manual included in the box with this product. It also covers installation and product information of Kenwood’s other Double DIN products.

Under no circumstances should you clean this stereo or its screen with any form of detergent, solvent, or insecticide. All you should need for cleaning is a soft dry cloth. Anything else risks irreparable damage to the touch screen.


In conclusion, the Kenwood Double Din Stereo is an absolutely fantastic choice for your in-car entertainment.

If you need something for unruly passengers to watch movies, it has you covered. If you want to not use your smartphone for music to save battery, it has USB interfacing capabilities. If you want a truly handsfree experience, you can use your iPhone to control the entire system with just your voice (and of course a little help from Siri).

If you want a robust and powerful Double DIN stereo that does not break the bank, I can unreservedly recommend the Kenwood DDX372BT.


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