Pioneer MVH-200EX

6.2″ Double Din Receiver With built-in Bluetooth calling and USB.

Pioneer MVH-200EX Review


The Pioneer MVH-200EX is one of the many options out there for an upgraded double din stereo replacement for your car. This unit is excellent for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s basic stereo system but is not looking for all the newest apps and features right out of the gate.
This unit is an excellent starter unit for an upgraded stereo system. If you are not concerned about access to all of your apps and navigation on the screen of the MVH-200EX, this is a budget-friendly option you can use to upgrade your car audio.
Let’s get down to the complete review of the Pioneer MVH-200EX double din unit, from what you get in the box to our overall thoughts on the receiver.

What’s in the Box

The first step once you have chosen, ordered, and received the Pioneer MVH-200EX is to open up the box and see what exactly you got included with the Pioneer MVH-200EX.


The receiver of your new Pioneer MVH-200EX double din unit has a clear resistive 6.2-inch touchscreen. The unit has an aspect ratio of 16:9, with a resolution of 800 x 480. This will give you a brilliant display on your receiver.

Not only will you have a crisp display, but the receiver’s display is also wholly customizable. With an LED backlight with five color choices, with 112 key color choices, you can get the display to look precisely how you want it to. You can also adjust the brightness of the display at any point.

With the device’s BSM, you have greater access to local AM/FM radio stations, and there are 18 presets for FM and 6 for AM. You will have access to your favorite stations for further ranges as well.

Remember, the receiver can be hooked up to a backup camera, but you will want to make sure you bypass the parking brake to install it – this can be done with the next piece of hardware that will be in the box when you open it – the wiring harness.

Wiring harness

To install the Pioneer MVH-200EX in your dash and wire it into your car, you will get a wiring harness included in the box. This is the device that will connect your new unit to the stereo system set-up of your vehicle.

Double din units generally have approximately 15 wires and can be complicated to install if you are not someone who knows their way around cars, wiring, or both. To ensure that you have access to all of the features, you may want to leave the professionals’ installation if the wiring harness looks complicated.

Microphone and bracket

This receiver comes with an external microphone and a bracket to mount the microphone with. This microphone has a good range and does not need to be placed close to the driver to ensure that you will be heard on the other side of the call.

Not only will you be heard through the microphone, but the reception and output will be as transparent as if you are holding the phone to your ear. There is no static or cutting out. The microphone functions as if it’s a natural extension to the phone.

Hardware and Other Material

You will need additional hardware for your Pioneer MVH-200EX to be installed in your car. This is a double-din unit that will fit in any existing double-din area.

  • Mounting Screws
  • Mounting pad
  • USB Extension Cables
  • Remote Control
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

Key Features

The Pioneer MVH-200EX is not the most advanced or feature-filled double-din unit out there for you to buy. However, the features that the MVH-200EX does have been done exceptionally well, making them well worth the unit’s cost.

Pioneer is known for its stereo products, and this receiver is no different. They have taken all of their experience to provide you with a budget starter double-din unit with the quality of a trusted name in sound.

It can connect this unit with Bluetooth technology to your phone, no matter the brand. It is safe to say that because it is simple, this starter unit is best for anyone who wants to have a Bluetooth option for hands-free calling through their car system and access to streaming music off their phone.

With the hands-free control being so well done, parents of teenagers can take some solace because this unit will encourage them to use their voices if they need screen time while behind the wheel instead of having the phone in their hands. The inability to stream videos directly format the phone is another plus in the safety category.


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility

The Pioneer MVH-200EX is compatible with both the Apple and Android operating systems. Not only will Bluetooth capable phones of either kind effortlessly connect with this receiver, but you will have complete hands free capability.

The receiver works with Siri and, Google assistant, and other Android’s hands-free voice operating systems. Enjoy the voice control over your phone while driving to ensure safe operations of your vehicle.


A2DP is short hand for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. The A2DP is how the quality of streamed audio through a built-in Bluetooth connection will be determined. Because of Pioneer MVH-200EX’s built-in Bluetooth strength, the A2DP for the device is high.

Yes, the Pioneer MVH-200EX has built-in amplifiers. A built-in amplifier is a speaker that does not need any external amp to deliver the sound to the speakers. The built-in amplifiers of the MVH-200EX have 50 watts providing the sound to the speaker.

The camera input for the MVH-200EX is a single camera input. This cannot be used with a dash camera, so you will have to use it with a rear-view cam.

Yes, the unit has a USB wire to provide connectivity that can be used to connect a flash drive or other USB capable device. The wire runs out of the back of the wire and can easily be tucked into the glove compartment to be easily stored out of sight.

No, the Pioneer MVH-200EX does not come with a remote control unit. There is the possibility of pairing it with certain remotes – you may want to consult the manual for exactly which ones.

Final Verdict

JVC outdid themselves with the KW-V830BT. Combining the popular existing features with the newest technology ensured a product that provides precisely what consumers are looking for. They made sure to fine-tune every single element included in the device and not pack in anything that they had not yet fixed to perfection.


The Pioneer MVH-200EX is an amazing introductory double din unit for purchase by anyone looking to upgrade their outdated stereo. Though it has fewer features than some of the more expensive units out there, its features are well done.

If you are looking to upgrade your factory-installed double din unit with an ideal and optimized starter unit or are looking to upgrade on a budget, you cannot do better than invest in the Pioneer MVH-200EX.


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