Kenwood DMX7704S

7″ Mech-Less Double Din Head Unit With Apple CarPlay, Android Auto & HD Backup Camera.

Kenwood DMX7704S Review


Every music lover will, at some point, want to replace the factory stereo system in their car. In the music industry, Kenwood has always been a household name, so it was only natural the company would also become a major player in the production of car audio systems.

The focus on quality audio is what Kenwood is well known for, but nowadays users want more than just a stereo system. If you want to combine Kenwood’s excellence in audio combined with plenty of other important features, then this is it.

The Kenwood DMX7704S is a double-din stereo system that is marketed to every car owner who wants to upgrade their factory or current stereo receiver. With plenty of features to satisfy even the most demanding user, this is definitely one to consider on your next shop-around.

But before you can buy, it is important to know exactly what you’re getting, and this review is to help you do just that. Here is everything you need to know about the Kenwood DMX7704S and whether it is the right fit for you and your car.

What’s in the Box

The main item you will find in the box will be the 6.95-inch touchscreen stereo unit. It is only available in black, though, which is something to consider depending on the finish of your dash. Although the screen is not as large as others in the market, it does have a sleek look and, being a touchscreen interface, ensures there is plenty of screen real estate for video and other visual operations. More on that in the next section. Its standard 6.95-inch size ensures that the panel can fit into most vehicles without a hassle.

Inside the box, you will also find a pair of cables to connect to your iPod. These include either the KCA-IP102 or KCA-IP103 single wires for transferring audio data from your iPod and the KCA-IP202 double wires for transferring both audio and video from your iPod. A GPS antenna is also included to make navigation easier while using the device.

Recognizing that the device may not fit into all vehicles, Kenwood also include a self-adhesive pad, wiring harness, mount screws and a trim ring to ensure a secure and perfect fit. Then, of course, there are the obligatory user manual and warranty card, which you may want to look at in case something comes up.

Key Features

General features

At the heart of this system is the 6.95-inch panel from where you control your phone and dash cams. The screen is an LED panel that always ensures a crisp picture with vivid text and images. Its brightness level can always be adjusted according to the amount of light around, and with a high contrast ratio, the picture and text are always visible even in bright, sunny days.

You also won’t have to worry about excessive glare at night because the brightness can be turned down really low without compromising on the clarity. This will come in handy when using other critical features of your car like dash cams where clarity is especially important.

For quick access to commands, you will be able to customize icons by rearranging them and also changing the background to achieve the desired look and feel. Physical keys can also be set to have variable illumination to make reaching for them easier even in the dark.

As a touchscreen panel, it is easy to perform all the basic operations quickly and effectively without having to take your eyes off the road. Its near 7-inch display is also large enough to show all the available icons on the screen for quick access.

You will also be glad to know that the menu and screen options will also be available in multiple languages – 21 to be precise. This means you’re not restricted to a single language regardless of your location.

Technical features

As a media system, the Kenwood DMX7704S will not disappoint as it can produce up to 50W x 4 (MOSFET Power IC) through a built-in amplifier. Add to that, it sports 3 pre outs that are all 4V to ensure high-resolution audio.

All this power and sound quality are further refined through a DSP system with a 13-band equalizer that can be operated graphically on the LCD panel, stage EQ, drive EQ and bass boost. Sound within your car is regulated by digital time alignment, a sound realizer, and a space enhancer to further improve the quality of audio.

Connecting other devices to the media receiver is also a breeze with the presence of multiple input and output ports. Audio and video have two ports that receive a signal by mini-jack and sends out by audio by mini-jack and video by RCA. Rear and front view camera video input are received via two RCA input ports. The media receiver then projects parking guidelines on the display to aid in precise parking with ease.

Tuner features

When not enjoying your own music, feel free to listen to the radio because you have it available here. You can have up to 20 presets on the radio and use Automatic Memory Entry (AME) to switch between them. Sirius XM is also integrated and the radio is equipped with RBDS. Suffice it to say that the radio and tuning experience here is top-notch.


In total, the package you receive should weigh in at about 6.6 pounds, 4.41 pounds of which comprises of the media receiver itself. The screen itself is 6.95 inches diagonally and is operated through the touchscreen interface. 21 languages are installed in the receiver, making it usable in most countries around the world.

Apple / Android Compatibility

It is crucial for a media receiver to be compatible with your mobile devices, and this Kenwood DMX7704S is very well equipped to do so. When delivered, it comes pre-installed with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto out of the box.

Equipped with a powerful Bluetooth receiver, you can connect up to 10 mobile devices to this receiver, and it has an auto-pairing feature to allow for seamless connections with all your devices the moment you step inside your car.

Allowing these connections means that you can use your devices hands-free to make and receive calls. From the display, you are able to dial and receive phone calls, all while constantly streaming music thanks to an external microphone. Speaking of streaming, the Bluetooth connection also allows you to stream both audio and video to the display from any of the connected devices.

All the above features are available for Android and Apple, but some features are specific. For instance, Spotify and Pandora apps are available for Android devices only and come already installed out of the box. Meanwhile, Apple users can give voice commands through Siri, which can be useful for navigation, media, and even phone calls/messages.


Provided your car already had a 7-inch harness, installation should be very straightforward. Otherwise, you will have to install the included harness before using the device.

Yes. It comes with a cable to connect from your iPod to a USB port for a direct connection.

Yes, but only with Siri.

Yes. The company released an update to fix issues with connection to Android Auto.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Kenwood DMX77004S has got all you might need in a media receiver for your car with plenty of connections to mobile devices both direct and via Bluetooth. Nothing is perfect, but this one comes pretty close to that.


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