Pioneer MVH 1400NEX

Pioneer MVH-1400NEX Review – Pretty Much an Apple Exclusive?

Pioneer MVH 1400NEX Review


Pioneer MVH1400NEX Digital Multimedia Video Receiver Review

The Pioneer MVH1400NEX stereo really knows how to put a smile on my face.

If you’re like me, there’s no difference between being on the road for five minutes or five hours: I’m gonna want some kind of entertainment. Otherwise, boredom takes hold in a hurry the more I stare at the steering wheel.
But the right kind of audio streaming service can soften traffic jams and shorten the miles on the road.

The radio has been my boredom-killer for forever, but technology has changed the way I listen. When you’re on the road as long as I am, you can only get so much out of music.

Now my brain wants some real meat to chew on, so I choose to listen to courses and books. It’s my way of redeeming the time that would otherwise be wasted getting from one place to another.

I’ve scored a real win with the Pioneer MVH1400NEX. With this affordably priced car system, I can either learn or jam in the most satisfying ways as long as I’m stuck in my car. There’s a generous library of ways to access podcasts and music streaming.

Here’s a super-fast rundown: The more you lean towards Apple, the more you’re going to get out of this unit.

CarPlay is one of the major highlights of this thing. Plus it has Bluetooth built-in. Android lovers are going to be left out in the cold, as it doesn’t have Android Auto. The CarPlay feature isn’t wireless either. But we’ll flesh out all that later on.

Let’s get down to the full review.

Who Will Reap The Most Benefits From The Pioneer MVH1400NEX?

There is a lot about this unit to love. If you love Apple products, there’s even more to love.

Your iPhone is like a magical key that unlocks a world of goodies in this receiver. It’s not that Android users can’t use the MVH-1400NEX. It’s just that they won’t have as much to be excited about.

Without Android Auto, you’re limited to using the Bluetooth connection.

This digital receiver features a 6.2” capacitive touchscreen. This means that you don’t need to press hard on the screen for your input to register.

You do however, need to be deliberate about your touching. Input that’s too light or quick won’t always get picked up.

There are a number of expandable options that will keep techies happy. You can set up a rearview camera to assist with parking.

The receiver installs with a very clean look, mostly because there are no physical buttons and no slots for CDs or DVDs. So  for music and audio playback, there are the phone software or the USB connection.

What’s in The Box?

  • Wiring harness
  • USB extension cable
  • Bluetooth microphone
  • Manual
  • Screws

What Makes The MVH1400NEX Really Shine?

When you plug in your iPhone, Apple CarPlay boots up in about 10 or 12 seconds, which is fair. That’s enough time to get situated in the car.

Once you’re all set, Siri is ready to keep you eyes-free. She’s priceless when it comes to receiving and answering phone calls and text messages without having to use my hands or my eyes. You can review messages before sending them.

If you want, you can have a dedicated voice control button on your steering wheel, but this is entirely optional.

As mentioned, there are no physical buttons. This could be considered a positive feature because they won’t break. But there’s no pinch and zoom technology here. Any zooming done on, say, Apple Maps is done entirely with buttons in the software.

The audio is par excellence. this Pioneer is a great choice if you’re looking for  top-of-the-line sound quality in this tier of car stereo systems.

There’s no change in the sound quality. Once again Pioneer lives up to its reputation.

By the time you read this review, the Pioneer MVH1400NEX will be supporting third-party navigation apps like Waze and even Google Maps.

With add-ons like Maestro RR, you can access your car’s factory systems and monitor tire pressure, parking assists, and error codes for your engine. This same package allows you to control the heat and air conditioning inside your vehicle.

Even though this receiver is geared towards Apple users, you’re not bound to using Apple’s music services. You can easily access your music and audiobooks and podcasts through Spotify and other streaming services.

Key Features:

  • 3-band equalizer
  • Digital multimedia receiver with AM/FM tuner
  • Built-in amp (14 watts RMS CTA-2006/50 peak x 4 channels)
  • Hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • 6.2″ touchscreen at 800×400 res)

The Shortcomings

All car sound systems have some minuses for all their plusses, and the MVH1400NEX Double-DIN is no exception. There are a few snags that can’t be ignore.

The most glaring oversight is the lack of a CD and DVD player. The technology isn’t obsolete yet, and for some people it’s important.

The second biggest disappointment is that the CarPlay isn’t wireless. You are required  to physically plug in your iPhone. With that kind of analog technology, there may as well have been the CD/DVD player.

What’s more, you are forced to decide between  Bluetooth or Carplay. Yes, that means what it sounds like. You either use Bluetooth or utilize the cable with Carplay.

The lack of Android Auto is a slap in the face to a an entire demographic.

My final gripe with this stereo is the user manual. A more comprehensive manual can be found online. Or fire up YouTube and educate yourself there.

Getting Your Money’s Worth Out of The MVH1400NEX

You can’t play videos while you’re driving. That makes sense for the driver, but why does that have to be the case for everyone else? What are you supposed to do if you ‘re hauling small kids on a really long trip?

There are a number of bypasses you can buy and use to weasel some of these features, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

Then there’s the EQ. The MVH1400NEX, has a generous 13-band equalizer that can be tweaked to your preference, or you can apply a preset.

Here’s the bird’s eye view of this digital receiver.


Frequently Asked Questions:

The Screen size is 6.2″

You can install a rearview camera for assisted parking.

The MVH-1400NEX double-DIN in-dash receiver is geared towards Apple products.

Absolutely stellar. The Bluetooth microphone is accurate even in loud environments.

For Apple devices the USB is not necessary. If you use an Android device, then it’s unavoidable.

Your stock steering wheel dedicated controls will be dramatically affected. There are add-ons that can be bought separately to work around this, but that will be an additional purchase.

You can opt for using a remote control if you are willing to purchase it yourself.

Yes, you can connect a USB device. There is a jack for it in the rear and you will need to access it with a cable.

Pioneer MVH1400NEX Final Verdict

This is an entry-level receiver that gives you some stellar features that will keep you happy until you’re ready to upgrade. If you want something more than what came built-in to your car, then this digital receiver is the perfect starting point.

It should keep you feeling good about it for a long time.


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