Pioneer AVH-600EX

Pioneer AVH-600EX in-Dash Receiver DVD Receiver w/ 7″ WVGA Display, Bluetooth, SiriusXM Ready and AppRadio.

Pioneer AVH-600EX Review

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We all sometimes spend too much time on the road, and it’s tricky to enjoy your favorite apps while driving. Pioneer has created an integrated in-dash solution to keep your hands free and still have access to all your favorite features in one easy to use receiver.

The Pioneer AVH-600EX is an innovative in-dash receiver to boost your connectivity and enjoy high-resolution FLAC files while on the road. The receiver is Maestro, Siri Hands-Free, Spotify, and Pandora compatible with a host of features to allow you to make calls, stream files, and enjoy virtual DJ effects with MIXTRAX while driving.

If you seek an integrated connectivity booster to access all your media needs in one responsive device, the AVH-600EX is an excellent option. The unit comes with a host of features and technology to hence your driving experience while keeping your hands on the wheel. If you would like to find out if the AVH-600EX is for you, please read on.

What Is the Pioneer AVH-600EX?

The Pioneer AVH-600EX is an innovative in-Dash receiver to provide an integrated interface to enjoy your compatible apps seamlessly while on the road. Pioneer has used the technology from their iconic speaker range to offer a compact and space-saving receiver to provide on-screen access to your essential stats such as maps, contacts, and calendars in one place.

You can now safely navigate your way on the road while keeping an eye on important information. The AVH-600EX is compatible with iPhone 5 or newer and Android via USB and comes with a free AppRadio to keep your drive interesting. Using built-in Bluetooth (HFP) technology, The AVH-600EX puts you in control of the wheel and all your digital needs.

AppRadioLIVE streamlines your drive with quick and easy access to your favorite apps, as well as the media and stats to keep you in the loop even when stuck in rush hour traffic. AppRadioLIVE takes a selection of your favorite apps and integrates them into an easy to read receiver so you can keep safe and hands-free.

Pioneer AVH-600EX Features at a Glance

Pioneer AVH-600EX Highlights

Hands-Free Calling and Audio Streaming Technology

You can now obey traffic rules and regulations and keep hands free with a straightforward Bluetooth receiver for safer driving. The auto connection feature allows users to access Bluetooth without having to fiddle with multiple tabs, including calling, song searches, and audio control (AVRCP.)

Enjoy better quality calls with newWideband Speech HandsFree Profile 1.6, which effectively doubles up your bandwidth frequency. This enhanced calling feature delivers a precise and glitch-free connection to your call receiver with FM reception precision.

Pandora Compatible

The AVH-600EX allows drivers an internet radio that provides access to new tunes while enjoying all your stored classics. The receiver conveniently allows superior sound quality and control of the Pandora features straight from an intuitive touchscreen display.

If a new track catches your attention, you may instantly give it the ‘thumbs’ up or ‘thumbs down’ to either add it to your collection for future purchase. You may also easily enjoy your favorite radio station while viewing the full track data and album covers.

Pandora is the largest streaming music provider across the US and has over 2000 connected products. This app is compatible with Apple iOs and Android devices that support Bluetooth and is available via download for free via your smartphone.

Spotify Compatible

The Pioneer AVH-600EX is Spotify compatible for access to music, podcasts, and video streaming with access to millions of tracks from a worldwide selection of artists. The basic features are free to enjoy with an option for a premium membership with a host of features to enhance your driving experience.

Spotify can increase your musical repertoire by features such as the Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and a Daily Mix. It allows you to find out what your favorite celebrities and your friends are currently enjoying. You can even create your own radio station on the move without having to take your attention away from the wheel.

Siri Eyes Free Integration

If you have an iPhone, The Pioneer AVH-600EX allows you to take advantage of the Siri Eyes Free feature with a simple touch of the NEX touchscreen. Siri Eyes Free uses voice recognition software to allow users to chose music, get directions, send and receive voice messages and make calls without having to take their eyes off the road.

Expand Your Connectivity with Maestro

The Pioneer AVH-600EX allows you to extend your factory settings range with Pioneer NEX and iDatalink Maestro RR (sold separately.) The Maestro features add to your AVH-600EX features and allow users access to:

  • Steering wheel controls
  • Climate control
  • Parking assistance
  • Radar detection
  • Exclusive gauges
  • Vehicle information
  • Multimedia.

Virtual DJ Features with MIXTRAX

Take your music to the next level while on the road with the Pioneer MIXTRAX’s innovative features that allow users to arrange their tracks by BPM and tempo for the ultimate listening pleasure. The advanced analysis software identifies transition points in your music collection and blends them together seamlessly.

Much like your own virtual DJ, MIXTRAX integrates music from your iPhone or Android and lets you make a remix quickly and easily, and even allows you to add your sound effects for enhanced listening pleasure. Added to this feature is the integrated lighting that pulses to your tracks’ beat via sound pressure or low pass synchronization.

7″ Digital Touchscreen

The 7′ inch touchscreen is intuitive with an 800 x 400 resolution and 24- bit true color panel with color customization that is ready to use with your compatible devices such as iPod or iPhone. The AVH-600EX has powerful search tools such as the Link Play and Alphabet Search for quick and efficient searches that allow your focus to remain on the road.

The touchscreen is responsive and highly customizable and integrates seamlessly with your handheld devices for an enhanced user experience engineered for the road. The innovative receiver provides:

  • Built-in Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.6) hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • Enhanced browsing and media selection
  • Higher quality sound and clarity in music and calls
  • Auto EQ with optional CD-MC20 Microphone (sold separately)
  • Wideband speech capabilities and audio streaming.

FLAC Files on the Go

Audiophiles may take advantage of the high-resolution audio with the groundbreaking CD-quality playback of high-resolution FLAC up to 192kHz/24 without converting the files. Much like your home Hi-Fi, you have access to the quality of sound you enjoy while you drive straight from your FLAC files.

This feature is an industry first for in-dash technology and is one of the standout features of the AVH-600EX for users to enjoy their music with crystal clear sound.

What’s in the Box?

The AVH-600EX comes with all the attachments you need to install your receiver and get playing fast. The kit includes:

  • USB extension cord
  • Bluetooth Microphone
  • Wiring harness
  • Installation screws
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty card.


The Pioneer AVH-600EX has all the features to take your driving experience to the next level without compromising safety and keep your hand where they belong, on the wheel. The system integrates a host of handy apps in one intuitive display with a responsive, high-resolution digital screen with anti-glare features.

Best of all, the sound quality makes the AVH-600EX really stand out from their in-dash competitors and will have audiophiles circling the block for some extra time to enjoy their tracks.

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